Hi, I'm Andrew



… I help people solve their problems




Every good software engineer knows that our job is to solve problems, not write code.

The first part of that is finding out what the problems are and how to solve them.

Getting involved at the start is the best way I can add value to your project.


From a very young age I was excited by computers and that passion has never left me.

I remember the joy of writing code for the first time using a ZX Spectrum and seeing something I created come to life.

Since then I have always written software and made things as much as possible.



I am passionate and excited about technology, and I like to tell others about it.

Tech in all its forms is part of my makeup and so I code, speak, write, teach, make, game and listen all things geek.

Talking at local meetups is a great way for me to share that enthusiasm.



I have over 12 years of professional software engineering experience, worldwide.

I’ve worked in geographical information systems, e-commerce, stock and warehousing, finance, and complex mathematical modelling


Software engineering is a science.

Failure is always an option, recognising and learning from that is at the heart of my approach.

Taking a methodological approach to everything; testing and learning as we go.

Monitoring and analysis form the backbone for the solution to problems.


Working together as part of a team is the way individuals make a larger difference to the effort – this is my approach to leadership.

Bringing people along the journey, pointing the right direction.

Never drag someone with you, always guide them so they run beside you.