Andrew Murphy


Consultant, Coder, Speaker


This is My Story

Originally from the UK, now in Melbourne, I’ve been writing code for over 20 years.

Programming started off as a hobby, it became a passion and then a career. But, although I am a strong coder, that isn’t the skills I believe best describe me.

Training in science and engineering disciplines have given me a unique perspective on software development. I approach every problem in a structured and methodological way. Always seeking ways to analyse, monitor and improve. I am also interested in the wider business implications of what we are trying to achieve. What are the longer term objectives and challenges?

Now I take that knowledge and apply it in consultations. Working together with my clients to identify their challenges and opportunities. Working together with them to plan and execute the solution.


  • Coding – 20 years
  • Consulting – 9 years
  • Leading – 7 years